For Physicians

IB Lab products will help you to enhance the significance of your assessments, save time and money. The objective semi-automated analysis of joint space width and bone micro architecture outclasses current OA and RA analysis methods or the common bone density. Your radiological device will be enhanced to a highly efficient diagnostic system.

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For Patients

The best way to deal with a bone disease is to find out about it early enough so that it never impacts your life. IB Lab follow up analysis detects the earliest possible signs of bone diseases and is therefore able to signal when it is time to take action.
The novel method detects parameters which have been missed out by all previous non-invasive methods.

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For Researchers

Increase the efficiency of your studies with new diagnostic methods such as objective, automated joint space width/area measurements, novel bone micro architecture analysis using advanced machine learning algorithms or semi-automated Kellgren & Lawrence scoring. The results output reaches from printed reports to detailed database export lists.

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