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Artificial Intelligence in Musculoskeletal Radiology

AI Saves You Time on Routine Tasks

Musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnoses are often time-consuming and subjective. ImageBiopsy Lab offers AI-based software solutions for automated measurements on radiographs supporting radiologists and orthopedist in their daily decision-making. Standardized reporting helps to further accelerate the workflow and increase the quality of patient care.


For measuring radiographic signs of knee osteoarthritis and grading the progression according the to the Kellgren & Lawrence system.


For measurement of leg length discrepancy and detection of knee alignment deformities.


For measurement of hip positioning and pelvic morphology.


For measuring bone age and prognosing the future growth of children.


100% integration within your existing PACS and RIS system.

AI in Medical Imaging

The potential of AI in medical imaging is enormous. Moreover, it is the most promising area of health innovation, developing at an accelerated rate. At that, ImageBiopsy Lab is one of the first providers in the field of machine support for physicians in diagnosing with artificial intelligence.

Solutions for your needs

On top of the existing MSK solutions, ImageBiopsy Lab is constantly working on the development and implementation of new ideas. Our goal is to revolutionize the healthcare sector as well as provide patient-oriented care, tailor-made therapies, cost reductions and equally an overall better quality of life for patients.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI in medical imaging can have multiple uses. For example, automated measurement of anatomical distances, angles and volumes as well as the detection of anomalies and lesions for review by the physician. ImageBiopsy Lab is one of the first providers in the field of AI-based support of medical diagnosis. Our products enable physicians to quickly obtain relevant information from medical images.

The aim of AI

Contrary to the assumption that artificial intelligence replaces the physician, we believe that AI enables the automation of routine tasks, allowing doctors to make faster diagnoses. A faster diagnosis gives the doctor more time for his patients. This therefore optimizes doctor-patient communication.

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