IB Lab JSx™ – Joint Space Width/Area Assessments

Customers for this solution are radiologists as well as orthopedists (and rheumatologists) as therapeutic decision makers. In addition to a single user license, the applications developed by IB Lab are also to be offered as a pay-per-use application.

Standardization and automation in the image grading relieves the physicians of manual work. Changes in cartilage (Joint Space Narrowing as well as Joint Space Area) are assessed in <2 seconds, freeing up time resources.


  • Stand-alone application
  • Different file import options
  • Any existing DICOM files can be analyzed
  • In-app DICOM-tag display
  • Interactive analysis mask for Tibia and Femur
  • Grading tool based on Kellgren & Lawrence
  • Automatic reports
  • Data base based result management
  • Various patient result export options
  • image biopsy lab windows 10 compatible


  • Standardized and reproducible image grading
  • Time savings of up to 90% compared to manual image grading
  • 4x as many patients in the same time
  • Direct cost savings in work hours >€5K annually*
  • Fast image processing via batch mode (e.g. 1,500 images in 1 hour)
  • Standardized and objective assessment of radiographic imaging biomarkers
  • Improved tracking of therapeutic effects
  • High clinical agreement rate adressing inter-/intra rater variabilities
  • Detailed disease report for patient communication
  • Results stored as Structured Reports stored in your PACS

*3,000 x-rays annually, based on Austrian reimbursement rates

For Researchers

For clinical trials conducted by research institutes and/or pharmaceutical companies, the solution offers retrospective/prospective evaluation of image data as an opportunity to evaluate therapeutic influences objectively and in a standardized manner. Have look at our FAQ to read more.