IB Lab JamesTM – your smart assistant for standardized and reproducible examinations

James is a patented positioning device for standing knee acquisitions and addresses existing perspective problems when taking x-rays. With James the patient position is assured to be close to 100% reproducible – EVERYTIME.

That’s one small step for the patient,
one giant leap for your assessment.

The IB Lab James™ knee positioner


  • Quality-controlled positioning for standing knee-examinations
  • Reproducibility rate above 96,1%
  • Drastic reduction in image acquisition time
  • Reduction in necessary re-acquisitions due to misaligned positioning
  • Accurate follow up studies with a almost 100% comparability of exams
  • Visual and acoustic feedback for the correct position based on automatic angle control
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile
  • Adjustable to height and weight of the patient


See how it works in the video below.