IB Lab BMAx™ – Bone Micro Architecture Analysis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis and affects disproportionately the knee. OA is not just a joint disease but also involves progressive changes in the subchondral/subarticular bone area of the tibia.

IB Lab BMAxTM  combines a set of advanced bone micro architecture (BMA) algorithms to offer a detailed assessment of the trabecular structure of the bone. The application combines fractal algorithms to ensure that a comprehensive and reliable analysis. No expensive additional image modality is needed – use existing x-rays to find out what is really going on inside the bone and how the quality is affected.


  • Stand-alone application or as part of IB Lab CloudTM
  • Easy to install using an self-extracting installer file (Win7 and higher)
  • Any existing DICOM files can be easily imported (single file/directory import)
  • A combination of distinct bone micro architecture (BMA) algorithms for an in-depth image analysis
  • Adjustable analysis mask (Tibia and Femur)
  • Automatic detection of anatomical landmarks
  • Integrated, semi-automatic Kellgren & Lawrence Scoring tool
  • Interactive analysis mask
  • Batch mode for simple and fast image analysis
  • All results stored in a database
  • Standardized reports (single/follow-up)
  • Customizable export of analysis data (.csv file)
  • Viewer features (brightness-/contrast control, invert, pan/zoom, flip)
  • Multi user login
  • Profile management
  • DCM-tag display

Laptop showing the IB Lab Software