IB Lab Cloud

IB Lab’s technology and services will soon be also offered as a cloud-based solution: IB Lab Cloud. The applications JSxTM and BMAxTM will be accessible via a DICOM compliant web browser. The collaboration of radiologists and referring  orthopedics is therefore considerably simplified. Patients can also access his/her personal data and IB Lab reports via a mobile device from anywhere.

The results are not only available as a DICOM-compliant pdf report, but also as a Structured Report. In this way, the examination data can also be easily integrated into already existing, conventional X-ray reports.

The first use-case was developed together with the Viennese company Visuapps (http://www.visuapps.com), which develops an outstanding rendering machine for DICOM image data.



IB Lab Cloud is planned to become commercially available by summer 2018.


The IB Lab Cloud Workflow

IB Lab Cloud - Infographic