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A novel method for analyzing X-Rays

Dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry (DXA) has attained global acceptance since the early 1990s for the noninvasive diagnosis of osteoporosis as defined by Word Health Organization (WHO). Nevertheless, many factors characterize the relevance of this imaging technology in daily clinical practice. For instance, its low availability and its relatively high costs. Hence, there has been a […]

ImageBiopsy Lab at the Philips HealthWorks Breaktrough Day

The Philips HealthWorks program is a world-first acceleration program focusing on early stage startups. This cycle’s focus lies on applying AI to radiology, ultrasound and oncology. Over the last three months members of ImageBiopsy Lab participated in Philips HealthWorks acceleration program, where we interacted with all kinds of internal and external experts. We are proud to […]

We are hiring – Ready to join our team?

Currently we are looking for: Marketing Manager (m/f) full/part time Who will you work with? ImageBiopsy Lab is a Vienna-based, international Health-AI Start-Up in the field of medical diagnostics. Our focus is the application and development of novel algorithms in the field of machine learning, deep learning, fractal algorithms, cloud computing and teleradiology. Can our […]

54th annual convention of the Austrian Society for Trauma Surgery

  For the 54th consecutive year, the annual convention of the Austrian Society for Trauma Surgery is held in Salzburg on 4th and 6th October 2018. ImageBiopsy Lab’s CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Richard Ljuhar will be present and you even have a chance to listen to the following lecture: “Artificial Intelligence in Orthopedics and Traumatology – Innovative Tools for […]

What to expect from SIIM 2018

This year’s SIIM conference is putting its focus on two particular developments which we have seen in the past years. Firstly, the role of the patient and secondly, the power of AI. Here is our take on what the SIIM 2018 is all about and the must-sees of the conference. A new era in patient […]

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ImageBiopsy Lab announces a partnership with EnvoyAI

ImageBiopsy Lab is thrilled to announce a distribution partnership with EnvoyAI, an artificial intelligence distribution platform based in Boston, Massachusetts. This partnership will enable a seamless integration of our software into clinical workflows all over the world. The ImageBiopsy Lab algorithms will be offered on the plattform for the assessment and prediction of osteoarthritis based […]

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ImageBiopsy Lab at the Annual ÖGO-Congress

The Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery provided the opportunity to discover cutting-edge strategies, analysis techniques and case study examples The Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery  (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Orthopädie und orthopädische Chirurgie; ÖGO) took place from the 30th of November to the 1st […]

BoB 2017 – ImageBiopsy Lab won the 3rd prize

On November 22nd the winners of BoB 2017 were announced at the award ceremony in Vienna ​​​ Last Wednesday, after seven challenging months,  the phase II of the BoB  (Best of Biotech) Business Plan Competition came to an end marked by a festive closing ceremony, held at the Palais Ferstel, Vienna, where the winners were announced. We are very […]

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IB Lab took 30th place among the 100 selected best young entrepreneurs in this year’s GEWINN Jungunternehmer-Wettbewerb

We are extremely proud to announce that ImageBiopsy Lab was nominated as one of the 100 best young entrepreneurs, and took 30th place in the GEWINN competition, celebrated last week in Vienna Launching your own start-up might be ineffably fulfilling and rewarding, which makes the whole challenge absolutely well worth it The unique entrepreneurial journey […]

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International Day of Radiology – The Importance of Emergency Radiology

The discovery of X-rays was accidental, but would revolutionize the practice of medicine later on In 1895, the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was studying the phenomena associated with the passage of a high electric voltage current originated from an induction coil, through a gas of extremely low pressure with the aid of a cathode […]